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Meramec Gar
Andy Missouri Brown
Andy Childhood Rainbow
Montana Bow

     Hello! My name is Andy McEwen and I am the head guide and owner of LouFly Guide Service.


     I grew up in St. Louis County and started fly fishing at the age of five. I would get out of school and immediately head to local ponds with my father to chase whatever decided to eat our bugs. On the weekends, we would head down to the Ozarks to chase smallmouth bass, brown trout and rainbow trout. This created an addiction that has taken me all over the country to chase fish.

      During college, I spent nearly all of my free time fly fishing. Whether it was chasing state record gar within St. Louis County, smallmouth bass, brown trout, and rainbow trout in Ozark streams, or brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout in several western states, fly fishing never ceased to bring me new experiences that expanded the way I view the sport. ​



      ​ After graduating in 2020 from the University of Missouri - St. Louis, I decided to not use my degree and instead move to Craig, Montana to work at arguably the most premier fly shop and guide operation in the United States. The industry experience I gained working in the heart of fly fishing country gave me skillsets and taught me new techniques I knew I could bring back and implement in the areas surrounding St. Louis. ​


     I moved back to St. Louis in late 2021 and began putting together a plan to start the first guide service in St. Louis that not only runs trips in the Ozarks, but also trips in St. Louis County. Less than two years later, I started LouFly to introduce people to some of the most underrated fly fishing water in the nation.

Montana Brown
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